Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Importance of Holistic Education for Children

No one can really argue with the fact that formal education is one of the most essential factors of human lives, which is essential for fostering human values and dream careers. At the same time, it does have its limitations, and that could hamper the development of growing children.

Most of the systems in the schools are designed in a manner which is fundamentally aimed at transforming the children into citizens, who would naturally flow with the wave of professional responsibilities. This could forestall the talents and passions in children from being identified or pursued.

The wholeness of children development in the schools goes unexplored, primarily due to the increasing numbers of students in the classroom, and also due to the overwhelming syllabus that has to be completed within that given academic timeframes. The situation minimizes the possibilities of finding multiple intelligences in children.

Besides their normal syllabus, it is also very essential for the children to learn more about themselves, and about how to build relationships in their lives.

Both attitude and aptitude in children has to go hand in hand, in order to contribute towards their success as they go on to become great personalities. Additionally, they will also need to develop a lot of resiliency and will power to face difficult situations in their lives.

Apart from talents and education, the children might require extra attention on their emotional developments as well. This will also help them in developing proactive social behaviors.

The world has changed a great deal with the advancements in technology, and the children these days are blessed with access to a lot of information when compared to the past. The media is able to reach the children directly now more than ever before.

This could also create a lot of confusions in the little minds, as information overload can also be too overwhelming for the children. The parents cannot overlook the fact that the exposure to abundant media and information could also cause negative influences on their little ones.

The institution of formal education in schools is very important, but holistic education of children will help them to cope up better with their lives. There are just too many things to consider for proper upbringing of children, in order to help them pursue their individual passions. They will need a lot of guidance in helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses.

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